Google removes Mitron app from Play Store

Mitron, an alleged Indian short video app created in response to Tik Tok, has been removed from the Google Play store. Let me tell you that this app is becoming quite popular for some time, but this debate is still going on whether this app is from India or not.

When we tried to talk to the creators of the Mitron app, they told that they do not want to show their identity and at the moment they will work like this. However later he said that he will make his information public in the coming time.

According to the report, Google has removed it from the Google Play Store for the violation of spam and minimum functionality policy. In this policy of Google, it has been said that it is against the policy to upload content without making changes or adding some other apps.

Overall, this policy of Google says that the copy paste app - that is, the apps that match other apps perfectly and if there is no change in their code, the company removes it. But the question is that this app has been on the Google Play store for a long time, then why did the company not take this step.

Significantly, anti China sentiment is being made in India and in this sequence, people are paying attention to the replacement of Chinese apps and products. The Mitron app is not new, but it has been claimed that it is from India. But how much truth is difficult to say in this claim.

According to the report, the source code of the Mitron app has been purchased from a Pakistani software development company, whose name is being called Qboxus. Since the source code has been purchased by paying money, the developer can buy it comfortably.

However, in a report, Pakistani startup CEO Irfan Sheikh has said that developers can use it as they like, because the source code has been purchased from us by paying. However, he has objected that calling it an Indian app will not be right, because its source code is Pakistani.

A CNBC TV-18 report says that Google has now red-flagged the Mitron app and suspended it. The company has cited violation of policy.

Significantly, in less than a month, the Mitron app had been downloaded more than 50 lakh times. Since this app continued to be called Indian, those people who did not want to use the Chinese app Tick Talk were using it.

At present, no statement has been received on this latest development from the Mitron app. We have tried to talk to the creators of the Mitro app about this. We will update you as soon as a statement comes.