Nokia unveils new logo

According to a Reuters report, Nokia has revealed a new logo, marking the first time in almost sixty years that the telecom equipment behemoth has undergone a redesign. The new logo reflects the company's vision for "aggressive growth" and features a range of colors, replacing the classic blue, and incorporates five distinct shapes to form the word "Nokia." CEO Pekka Lundmark told Reuters that the previous logo was associated with smartphones, but the updated design represents Nokia's evolution into a "business technology company."

The new logo is intended to distinguish Nokia's network equipment business from its past association with consumer mobile phones. The company exited the consumer mobile phone business in 2014, and since then, it has focused on building its network equipment and services business.

The departure from Nokia's iconic blue color is a deliberate move to signify a new beginning and to symbolize the company's objective of aggressive growth and market capitalization. By creating a new logo, Nokia is positioning itself as a modern and forward-looking business technology company that is committed to innovation and growth in the telecom equipment industry.