Senior BJP leader Ramesh Bais takes oath as new Maharashtra Governor

Maharashtra : There was an air of excitement and anticipation at the Raj Bhavan as Senior BJP leader Ramesh Bais took oath as the new Governor of Maharashtra. With a distinguished political career spanning several decades, Bais was greeted with warmth and respect by the state's political and administrative leaders.

As he stepped up to take his oath, the Governor was filled with a sense of responsibility and commitment towards the people of Maharashtra. In his inaugural address, he spoke about his vision for the state, stressing on the need for development, progress, and social harmony.

Bais, who was previously the Governor of Tripura, is known for his proactive approach towards governance and his passion for public service. He has also been instrumental in bringing about positive changes in the regions he has served in the past.

The new Governor's appointment has been hailed by many as a positive step towards ensuring the welfare of Maharashtra's citizens. As he takes charge of the state's affairs, Bais is expected to bring in fresh perspectives and ideas to help Maharashtra move towards a brighter future.