Verified badge on Facebook and Instagram will now require a fee to be paid by users

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is launching a new paid service called "Meta Verified" that allows users to verify their accounts with a government ID and receive a blue badge next to their name. This subscription service also offers extra impersonation protection and direct access to customer support. The cost of the service is $11.99/month on the web and $14.99/month on iOS. The bundled blue check subscription package will first be available in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to roll out to more countries soon. While some users are excited about the opportunity to gain a blue badge, others are critical of the move, arguing that it further privileges public figures and influencers.

The verified badge on Facebook and Instagram will now require a fee to be paid by users. This means that the blue tick mark that confirms the authenticity of a profile or page will no longer be available for free. The new policy is part of a broader effort by Facebook to incentivize its users to produce more high-quality content and to combat the rise of fake accounts and misinformation. While the fee structure has not yet been announced, it is expected that the price for verification will be in the range of a few hundred dollars. The new policy has received mixed reactions, with some users criticizing it as a move that will further privilege celebrities and public figures while making it harder for ordinary people to get verified.