1st-gen iPhone sold for Rs 45 lakh at auction

In a rare occurrence, an original first-generation iPhone still in its sealed packaging has been sold at auction for a staggering $54,904 (roughly Rs 45 lakh), according to recent reports. The device, which was first introduced in 2007, originally cost $599, which means that the auction price represents a whopping premium of over $54,000. The seller, who was a former Apple employee, had bought the iPhone when it was first released, and they decided to put it up for auction through RR Auction.

The auction also featured a range of other Apple products and memorabilia that fetched high prices. One of the highlights of the auction was an "undiscovered" Apple-1 computer, which was sold for an undisclosed sum. Additionally, a Tim Cook-signed iPhone 11 was sold for around $4,000, while Steve Jobs-annotated technical manuals were bought for $12,500. A business card belonging to Steve Jobs was also sold for $6,188.

This isn't the first time that a first-generation iPhone has fetched a high price at auction. In November 2021, another first-generation iPhone was sold for a record-breaking price of $63,356 (approximately Rs 52,00,000) at an auction, which set a new record for the highest sale ever recorded for an original 2007 iPhone. In August 2021, an unopened, first-generation iPhone in sealed packaging was sold for $35,000 (nearly Rs 28 lakh) in the US.

These high prices suggest that there is still a high demand for original Apple products and memorabilia, particularly those that are still in their original packaging. As a result, collectors and enthusiasts continue to search for these rare and unique items, driving up their prices at auction.