Gurugram: Flower pots arranged for G20 stolen, one arrested

Gurugram police have arrested one person for stealing flower pots that were arranged for the upcoming G20 summit in India. The flower pots had been placed along the median of the road leading to the summit venue in Gurugram.

According to the police, the accused was caught red-handed while attempting to steal the flower pots. The accused has been identified as a 25-year-old resident of the nearby village.

The police have registered a case under Section 379 (theft) of the Indian Penal Code and have launched an investigation to determine if the accused was working alone or had accomplices.

The G20 summit is set to take place in India later this year, and preparations are underway to ensure that the event is a success. The summit is expected to attract heads of state and leaders from the world's leading economies, and discussions will focus on key issues such as global economic growth, climate change, and international security.

The theft of the flower pots is a setback for the organizers of the event, who have been working hard to ensure that everything is in place for the summit. The incident highlights the need for increased security measures and vigilance to prevent any further disruptions or incidents in the lead-up to the event.

The police have urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity in the area. They have also stepped up security measures in the lead-up to the summit to ensure the safety of all attendees and prevent any further incidents.