Lauren Gottlieb to perform on '#NaatuNaatu' at Oscars 2023

Lauren Gottlieb, the American dancer and actress, has been chosen to perform as the lead female dancer at the Oscars 2023. The song she will perform on, 'Naatu Naatu', has been nominated for an award at this year's Academy Awards. Lauren, who was also the runner-up in the sixth season of 'Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa', is excited to represent India on such a global platform.

In an interview, Lauren expressed her gratitude for being given such an opportunity to showcase India's talent on the biggest stage in the world. She feels a big sense of responsibility to make sure the piece is authentic and makes India proud. Lauren is working hard with her choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo to get the perfect balance between the crispness of the western stage and the freedom of the street style of India.

Before her stint in India, Lauren had the opportunity to assist Napoleon and Tabitha on big production dance jobs in Hollywood. She considers it a huge homecoming moment for all of them. Lauren is thrilled to be able to share her knowledge of Indian dance and her experiences living in India with the entire cast.

Lauren's dedication to the performance is evident from the fact that she even convinced NappyTabs, as the choreographers are popularly known, to have the two lead male dancers lip-sync the song. Earlier, they thought it would be too difficult, but Lauren insisted that in Bollywood, the lip-syncing has to be done. She has been training the other dancers as well, showing them Ranveer Singh and Allu Arjun's songs to get them to know the essence of Bollywood music. Bollywood is performed much larger than how it is danced in the West, and Lauren has been helping everyone understand that.

Lauren's commitment to the performance is emotional for her as well. She is touched to be able to perform 'Naatu Naatu' on one of the most prestigious stages in the world, and it makes her emotional to think about it. It is a moment of great pride for Lauren and a significant opportunity for her to connect Bollywood and Hollywood, both of which are close to her heart.

Lauren Gottlieb is a talented dancer and actress who has made a name for herself both in the West and in India. Her dedication and hard work have brought her to this stage, and she is sure to make India proud. Lauren's performance at the Oscars 2023 will be a testament to her talent, passion, and dedication to the art of dance.