US consumer tech firm Honeywell appoints Ashish Modi as India biz head

Honeywell, a US-based consumer technology company, has appointed Ashish Modi as its country president for India.

As country president, Mr. Modi will be responsible for leading Honeywell's operations and growth strategy in India. This is an important role, as India is a rapidly growing market for consumer technology products, and many global companies are looking to tap into this market to drive growth and revenue.

Honeywell produces a wide range of products, including aerospace systems, building technologies, and performance materials, and has a significant presence in India. Mr. Modi's appointment reflects the company's commitment to the Indian market and its efforts to expand its presence and drive growth in the region.

Overall, Mr. Modi's appointment as Honeywell's country president for India is a testament to his experience and expertise in the Indian market, as well as Honeywell's commitment to expanding its business in the region. It will be interesting to see how Honeywell's operations in India evolve under his leadership.