‘KALKI 2898 AD’ Achieves Widest Overseas Release for Pan-Indian Film in Singapore, Australia, and Gulf Regions

Mumbai: 'KALKI 2898 AD' is setting new records as it prepares for its highly anticipated overseas release. The film is making history with the widest release for an Indian movie across Singapore, Australia, and the Gulf regions, highlighting the increasing global demand for Indian cinema.

In Singapore, 'KALKI 2898 AD' will be shown in over 34 locations, spanning more than 49 screens. This marks the largest release for an Indian film in the country, reflecting the significant popularity of Indian cinema among Singaporean audiences.

Australia is also seeing a groundbreaking release, with the film set to play in over 143 locations across more than 400 screens. This extensive distribution demonstrates the film’s wide appeal and the strong presence of Indian cinema enthusiasts in Australia.

The Gulf region, known for its large expatriate Indian population and strong market for Bollywood films, will host 'KALKI 2898 AD' in 160 locations, covering over 500 screens. This makes it one of the top releases in the Gulf, underscoring the film's widespread anticipation and the effective distribution strategies employed by the film's distributors.

The extensive distribution in the Gulf and Asia-Pacific territories has been made possible by the collaborative efforts of Marudhar Entertainment Network and Funasia Films. Their strategic planning and execution have ensured that 'KALKI 2898 AD' reaches the maximum number of audiences, setting a new standard for Indian film releases overseas.

'KALKI 2898 AD' is not just a film; it's a phenomenon that is breaking barriers and setting new records. Its unprecedented release strategy is a testament to the growing influence and popularity of Indian cinema across the globe. As the film gears up for its grand release, it promises to captivate audiences with its unique storyline, stellar cast, and high production values, further solidifying India's position in the global cinematic landscape.