Om Birla Picked as NDA's Candidate for Lok Sabha Speaker Again

New Delhi, June 25, 2024 — The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has announced that Om Birla will be the National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA) candidate for the post of Lok Sabha Speaker, setting the stage for his second consecutive term. This decision comes after extensive consultations within the NDA coalition, solidifying Birla’s position as the preferred choice for the role.

Om Birla, a BJP Member of Parliament (MP) from Kota-Bundi, Rajasthan, has served as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha since June 2019. Known for his impartiality and ability to maintain decorum in the house, Birla has been a respected figure in the parliamentary community. His re-nomination underscores the BJP's confidence in his leadership and the endorsement from its allies in the NDA.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and senior BJP leaders expressed their support for Birla's candidacy, highlighting his contributions to enhancing the productivity of the Lok Sabha and his efforts in promoting constructive debate. During his previous tenure, Birla introduced several reforms aimed at improving the efficiency of parliamentary proceedings and ensuring greater participation from all members.

Birla's selection was confirmed after a series of high-level discussions involving key NDA stakeholders. The BJP, which leads the coalition, consulted extensively with its allies to ensure a consensus candidate for the crucial parliamentary position. This collaborative approach signifies the NDA’s commitment to unity and coordinated governance.

Om Birla’s re-election as Speaker is expected to be a smooth process given the NDA's significant majority in the Lok Sabha. His prior experience and established rapport with members across party lines make him a fitting choice to steer the lower house of Parliament through the upcoming legislative sessions.

In a statement, Birla expressed his gratitude for the confidence reposed in him by the NDA. He reaffirmed his dedication to upholding the dignity of the Lok Sabha and ensuring that it continues to function as a forum for meaningful discourse and decision-making.

The election for the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is slated to take place at the beginning of the upcoming session. As the NDA consolidates its preparations, all eyes will be on Om Birla as he potentially resumes his role, guiding the parliamentary proceedings with the same commitment and integrity that marked his previous tenure.